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Tomorrow’s world is composites.

Rapid manufacturing exploiting carbon composites will play an important role in the future of manufacturing industry. One leading technology is the automated positioning of carbon fiber strips over a tool/mandrel/mold surface via robotic arms first to cover the entire surface and then build up additional layers to create the composite...

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3D Scanning

Although 3D laser scanners are improving in quality, the point cloud scan files obtained from 3D scanners do not accurately represent the true dimensions of the actual object due to various types of noise such as statistical noise and false scatter points.

Laser scanner technicians have developed methods using registration markers in...

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Prime Numbers

1. Introduction

The erratic existence of prime number gaps has mesmerized mathematicians and enthusiasts alike for centuries. Going back as early as the late 18th century, eminent mathematicians have made numerous attempts to formulate a prime counting function P(N), such as Gauss’s early approximation of. Currently, we speak of the prime number theorem, which suggests an asymptotic form...
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